Pay per Click or Cost per Click is a method of advertising that is used to attract traffic to the website; simple yet vague. But the difference comes in with the payment mode, instead of having a set amount for remuneration you pay the publisher only when the advertisement is clicked on.

Why PPC marketing?

Well, apart from being a cost-effective way of remuneration, here is a list of advantages of using the pay per click marketing method.

  • Increased Traffic: Generally, pay per click advertisement banners are placed at the top of the website. This increases the chance of people looking at the advertisements on your website.
  • Reliability: Yes, there is a certain degree of reliability when it comes down to the pay per click method. How? Well, search engines often change their ranking algorithm. Thus, for one algorithm you might be on a high rank but maybe de-ranked due to the latest algorithm update. The key here would be having more than one method established for gaining traffic. Along with a strong and stable search engine optimization strategy, you could have the pay per click advert as an added benefit.
  • Efficient Tracking Method: You need not to be told about the significance of proper tracking and statistics about your website. The added advantage that you as a website owner can gain from is showing the buyers positive acquisition and conversion rate numbers that enables you to chart out your journey and create graphic representations according to the data.
  • Target Approach: PPC might seem like a dangerous step, with conversion rates being extremely slow. But nowadays, the target approach has been enabled for these advertisements. The first step in this case involves understanding and utilising your mailing list, that is, the list of people who have already purchased products from you. The advertisement campaign targets this list, where ‘like-minded’ prospective buyers are singled out and the advertisement is shown to them over and over. This is called remarketing. In e-commerce remarketing has proven to increase the lifetime value of the clients.
  • Incorporation with Other Channels: Just like how email lists are used for remarketing, the social media platforms can be used with PPC marketing to improve traffic and conversion. Pay Per Click Marketing services has a customization option where integration with other channels leads to better interaction with clients as well as prospective clients.
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