How To Find Top Keywords For A Website In 2019

what report can help you identify opportunities to improve your keywords and ads

Keywords research is the backbone of any SEO strategy and for keyword research, we have tons of free and paid tools available on web Like google keyword planner tool etc,

To get in the search result is not simple and easy as much its looks like. Why I am telling this because most of the people not doing proper keywords research and as result, they don’t get a fruitful result as they expected.

To get a ranking on the first page its very important how you have done keyword research because research and ranking are depended to each other.  You have to pick SEO Focus Keyword to get rank easily in the first page of the google search result. What this mean, its means there are tons of keyword around you but you couldn’t pick anyone because as per me more then 10 thing matter to rank a keyword in the google search weather its website’s ux, website speed, your website DA, Computers, etc.

Now let me explain how you can do SEO focused keyword research and get help to rank your website or blog easily.

A keyword is a special word in the sentence, which is used to give you specific meaning of the sentence nothing more than this. Now the big question is, Is really keyword & keywords research as much simple as I am saying, then the answer is “NO” Because there is no universal formula for it that you will apply and get an exact answer for it.

Now follow these steps for best keyword research:-

  • Get google suggestion / find keyword from any keyword search tool

There is different strategy for it but best and simple way is, type something related to your product or services in the google search bar and you will get suggestion in the bottom of the page and this is best way to find keywords for website.

For example:-

We are searching for “seo service in delhi “ in google search and for this search, google shows us very relevant keywords in the bottom of the page.

find keywords for website

SEO Focus Keyword

  • Analyze you keywords

Once you complete keyword research then next question is How to do analysis for particular keywords

?? Let’s discuss on it.

To do a keyword analysis you have to find out how much completion is on a particular keywords, Because if you pick a very high competitive keyword then it will not easy rank on google so in that case you need to make you keyword long tail.

To analyze a keyword you can simply follow any keyword suggestion tool or google keyword planner this is one of the best free tools. From here you can find out Monthly searches, competition, bid,etc.

how to find top keywords for a website

Second method is simply by the help of google search bar

For example:-

Suppose you have “SEO service in delhi” as a keyword. First of all you have to find out how much completion on this particular keywords. So we will go to google search and type allintitle:”SEO service in delhi” and google will show you all your competitor sites which is using this keywords in the title.

research and ranking

  • Use Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords always healthy for SEO point of view. Let me explain about long tail keywords. It’s a combination of 2 or more than 2 words which makes a phrase. It’s narrow you search result and gives you a very specific result. Sometimes we just add suffix or prefix at our targeted keywords.

For Example:-

We have a keyword “SEO Service in delhi” now we can add a suffix as “e-commerce” in our keyword and make it “e-commerce SEO service in delhi” or we can make it “Best e-commerce SEO service in delhi”. Now this is very specific long tail keyword.

Most people ask what report can help you identify opportunities to improve your keywords and ads.

So here I can say try to find out the search term to get an idea, what people are searching and for which keyword your article triggered. Once you find out your search term them optimized your post again according to the search term. And within a month you will see that your post is performing well.


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