How startups can use Digital Marketing Smartly

How startups can use Digital Marketing Smartly

An established brand doesn’t hesitate for creativity and experiment in the market but if we talk about new startups, they play at the bottom line and for a traditional marketing its very difficult to compete with an established brand because traditional advertisement needs huge investment like TV ads, Holdings, Newspaper advertisement, etc.

But now digital marketing for startups is the low-cost result oriented option. it’s not only cost-effective but also reachable anywhere around the globe. But it depends on how smartly startup uses these online platforms for their business growth,  for example, we have created a very attractive website but that mobile access so here we can lack to get a ton of customers.

Here I am mentioning 7 steps which will help you to adopt a smart Digital Marketing strategy.

1.    Website must be eye catchy

In the case of a digital platform, you can’t interact directly with your targeted customer so you don’t have a chance to read the gesture of your customer. Here you must be proactive and you can only interact with your customer via a website.

30 second is enough to decide to a customer that they will visit further that particular website or not. So website must be attractive, simple navigation, engaging, user-friendly.

2.    Mobile First approach

This is the most common mistake done by the new startups that they ignore the importance of mobile. Today 80% of the total traffic came from a mobile device only. Today mobile is not only for calling it has become basic need. This is mobile era people addicted to mobile whether it is money transfer or ticket booking.

3.    Beware of irrelevant traffic

social media marketing is the best way to bring the tons of traffic but is that traffic relevant to your business? You must pick a particular platform according to your targeted audience. For example, we are selling clothes for the teens then we must focus on Facebook and Instagram for relevant traffic. So you must know about your targeted audience.

4.    Build a trust with your customer

Brand awareness is the fundamental step to success, but if we add some value and build a trust among audience then the game would be quite easy. Once trust will build, the audience will happily promote you among their friends, family and colleagues and word of mouth will work automatically.

5.    Keep a close eye on analysis

Data Analysis is always present the clear picture of the current step. For the startup is one of the crucial steps because it suggest us for the next step. If we are running the online campaign then it will help to improve our CPC for the next campaign.

6.    Must learn from past

Without doing, no one can become an expert in Digital marketing world even your mistakes teach you’re better. As a startup, you will start feeling where we are lacking and accordingly you must have to take action on your analysis. These things come into the existence via your mistakes.

7.    Create a clear Online plan

To create a clear Digital marketing plan the objective must be clear, you must be with the answer to these question.

1 what is the objective?

2 who is our target audience?

3 who is our age group?

4 who is our competitors?

5 what our competitors are doing?

These question will help a startup to create a proper digital marketing plan.

Shashi Tanti

This is Shashi Tanti, A professional Digital Marketer, Blogger & Author. Having 4 years of ecperience with SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, paid marketing(google adwords, facebook, tweeter).

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