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Top high pr ppt submission sites

There are lot of activity take place under SEO off page activity. Among them PPT Presentation is one of them. Whatever activity you are doing for your SEO off page activity, make sure it shouldn’t in bulk. Now let’s discusses about PPT File sharing. What is it? As name suggest, it’s an activity where we create a powerpoint presentation and share it at High DA Dofollow Free PPT Submission Sites 2019. Where visitor will visit your website through the url which is you submitted with the ppt document. It’s very simple, attractive, traffic oriented.

But why Instant Approval High PR PPT Submission Sites List 2019 is too important for SEO off page point of view.

Let’s try to understand why PPT is important for sharing to your audience. Most of the corporate business use powerpoint presentation while explaining their service or product in front of client. They use PPT because its offer your explanation option with the help of pictorial image, Data analysis option, Different template as per the business suites, different animation, different understand slideshare and many more. Its makes your data more explainable.

What is the Advantage of PPT Submission for PPT submission Directories?


ppt submission sites

Enhance Visibility:

Increase visibility also can help you to get more traffic to your website or blog. Powerpoint submission Provides you a huge option to get visible because the its carrying very Domain authority and page authority and huge traffic so as a SEO person you can  a huge DA & PA how useful for your website.

Well Presentable:

Powerpoint presentation provides a presentable and organised format by which visitor get more interested towards the content and when you open it in the slide show in the full screen, your content looks extra attractive and its increase the chance of conversation of your product or services.

Improve Page Rank:

The help of ppt submission you will get a inbound traffic by the help of bakelink which you make in the ppt site which will help to improve your page rank.

Easily converted into video:

Now these days people moving towards video content. You can easily convert it into a video content and can do video submission at different Video submission sites like youtube, tumblr, vimeo, MySpace etc. by the help of ppt you can also get visibility of different video platform.

Increase google rank:

As you submit you ppt to the quality directories with backlinks, you getting start targeted traffic to your website its increase your google rank.

Quality content:

Good backlinks always import for the SEO point of view but now quality content came into the picture. Its already confirmed that google give more priority to the well explained, fresh & quality content to rank in the google SERP.

Instant Approval High PR PPT Submission Sites List 2019

How to Optimize your PPT for ppt sharing sites?


Optimization always play a vital role for SEO success. Power point is a place where you have an option to add video, image, text, URL, infographic etc at the same platform which makes this platform very strong because video and image put some extra advantage to your content in terms of traffic and conversation. I am mentioning here how to optimize your ppt.

Optimized title:

Optimization of the title of the ppt is one of the very important part while creating a ppt. In the title you have to add your main keyword.

Create Header & footer

Put your most important information in this section like phone number, address, and for branding purpose use logo in the hedder.

Add your blog/website link in your presentation

Adding link is also a part of the optimization because you cannot add link anywhere of the slide. You have to add link in the keyword or any specific word which is related to your website or you can add link in the footer part of the slide.

Optimized your Profile in the slide

Optimization of your profile is also very important part of the optimization of your ppt. Your profile in the slide present your brand so make sure it everything should be correct. It consider your business name, phone number, email id, socila media profile.


Here is the Top high pr ppt submission sites 2019


Sr PPT Submission Sites Alexa Rank DA PA
1 146 94 79
2 179 94 85
3 215 94 79
4 441 92 72
5 351 90 70
6 496 91 70
7 921 93 77
8 874 94 73
9 3,605 91 63
10 8,166 67 56
11 7,301 79 60
12 15,593 84 68
13 119,939 58 37
14 52,518 78 65
15 102,730 74 59
16 102,655 73 58
17 147,900 54 50
18 1,422,870 21 29
19 66,327 60 58
20 374,599 48 49

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