How to Get 1000 Visitors Within 1 Hour Without SEO

How to Get 1000 Visitors Within 1 Hour Without SEO

Get Traffic to your website within an hour.

Drive traffic to website is not an easy task but if we will smartly then we can make it easy. Baiscally there is two way to get traffic first by organic and second Paid but both of the strategy having their own pros and cons. Organic way gives you free traffic but it takes time other hands, Paid way gives you the instant result but you have to pay for it.
Here I am providing some tips to get huge traffic on your website.

Use Facebook ocean for traffic

To increase website traffic, Facebook is one of the best ways but you have to use it smartly. Facebook’s Alexa rank is 3 means millions of traffic so use facebook smartly.

  • Make a catchy headline instead of the only keyword
  • Join some facebook group which is related to your topic
  • Don’t post frequently in every group.
  • If anyone comment on your post then always reply them.

Reddit can give you tons of traffic

Reddit is a genuine way to get huge traffic. Don’t worried about how to increase website traffic, if you are looking for traffic then visitor also looking for valuable content. Just make your content with a catchy headline, if there is some suspense is your title then it will create a curiosity for the visitor. Once you post on Reddit, it doesn’t you work has been completed. If somebody reply on your content then always reply them.

You cannot forget Twitter

How People are crazy about twitter we know very well, you cannot amazing how a post get viral on twitter via retwitte. If you are able to get the attention of the people on your post title then your 50 percent work already done but make sure your title should be relevant to your topic.

Pintrest for traffic

Yes, we can use pintrest for huge traffic. It’s fact that 80% is the only female user in the pintrest but it doesn’t mean we cannot use it. 30% of all US social media users are Pinterest users so how can we ignore it.


According to me, only optimized content won’t work you have to be smart so along with the content optimization you need to focus on the catchy title that people can click on it. How to increase website traffic can be a challenge for a certain situation but not always.

Shashi Tanti

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